Pages+ is my first decent wordpress plugin, and will be of use to those with many pages within their wordpress site. It replaces the Manage » Pages admin page with a more simple way of navigating to a page.


Pages+ v1.0 (12th May 2007)


  1. Upload the pagesplus.php file into your wp-content/plugins folder on your website
  2. In your wordpress admin area, click Plugins and activate Pages+
  3. Go to Manage » Pages+



  • Initial release


  • Appended the number of child pages to the page title thanks to Croila‘s suggestion


  • Added sorting bar (which meant adding ID & menu_order to the table)
  • Pages with no children are now not linked
  • Moved from post to page


  • Fixed possible issues with WordPress 2.1+ (thanks to Virginia Van Vynckt)
  • Made the display table look and feel a bit more inline with wordpress admin

11 Responses to Pages+

  1. Rusty says:

    This is a great plugin as is – this helps me out quite a bit as I am using wp to build a large site for our school with both a blog front end and LOTS of pages. This plug-in (almost) allows me to abandon the default wp pages admin window completely. What is your plugin missing? Only a link to “Make a new Page.”

    Also, just a look and feel thing, but I think that the “you are here” breadcrumb menu should go in the opposite order like:

    Root > Child Page 01 > Child of Child Page 01

    rather than

    Child of Child Page 01 > Child Page 01 > Root

    Just my 2c.

    Thanks again for the helpful plugin!

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  10. dgudema says:

    Hey, pages+ is not working for WP 2.7.1? Is anybody else having this problem?


  11. @Dan – sorry about that, it’s not been updated for a while. I’m away for a few days, but will try to update it when I get back. Thanks!

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