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Firefox Themes causing out of position pixels

That Web Guy had a problem with a design not being pixel perfect – only it turned out to be down to the theme he was using in Firefox. Bug?

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Google Reader adds filters to ‘Mark as Read’

Feed subscribers can now declare partial feedreader bankruptcy thanks to an update to Google Reader.

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Feed readers for OSX

It’s been a week since I bought my first Mac, and i’m starting to install software that I knew I could only manage a week without – the first of which is a feedreader. I use Newsgator online and therefore … Continue reading 

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Bite Size Standards is not a failure

John Oxton (of writes that his recent project Bite Size Standards is ‘currently a failure’, as it has received some criticism of late. The site was set up six months ago to serve little tidbits of code and understanding, … Continue reading 

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Commenting policy

Due to a large amount of spam comments (1150 in the past week!) all comments will now need to be moderated unless you have a previous comment already on the site. I know a load of people are commenting (especially … Continue reading 

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I’ve just stumbled upon, a website allowing creatives to publish books, calendars, comics, music and software without any technical knowledge and with no minimum print run. The idea is very simple and the breadth of products available is great … Continue reading 

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Where IE7 could beat Firefox

I installed IE7 Beta 2 today, to see how a new site design worked, and I am quite impressed. The development team seem to have actually thought about how people interact with an application and have made some of the … Continue reading 

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Ricky Gervais on iPod

I’ve been listening to the Ricky Gervais / Guardian Unlimited podcast, and I have to say he’s a comic genius. Much like The Office, I can’t say what it is that’s so funny – he just is.

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Evaporation Pools

Matthew Haughey wrote an interesting article on his blog about evaporation beds on Google Maps The article was about Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah (pictured left), which shows a series of strongly covered pools. The author suggests that … Continue reading 

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