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Ricky Gervais on iPod

I’ve been listening to the Ricky Gervais / Guardian Unlimited podcast, and I have to say he’s a comic genius. Much like The Office, I can’t say what it is that’s so funny – he just is.

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The BBC believes its Persian news website has been blocked by the Iranian government, after a sharp fall in hits over the last three days.

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Hemel Hempstead Oil Explosion

An oil depot has exploded in Hemel Hempstead. The BBC have a live video feed. Reports say the explosion could be heard as far away as Holland and Northern France. Update: Check out this photo on flickr.


Man cures self of HIV

Times Online A YOUNG British man thought to be the first person to have shaken off HIV, the virus that causes Aids, is to undergo further clinical tests in the hope of a breakthrough in treating the condition. Andrew Stimpson, … Continue reading 


Confused lions ‘hunt’ small cars

Lions at a drive-through safari park in Merseyside are chasing small cars, thinking they are prey. According to the BBC, Smart cars and Minis are particularly easily mistaken by the pride.

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London Zoo offering free tickets for big noses

To celebrate the birth of a baby anteater, London Zoo are offering free entrance to visitors with big noses over the weekend of 13-14th August.

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No running!

Allegedly taken at Notting Hill Gate tube station

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Formula One: The Paris Hilton of Motorsports?

Today’s Formula 1 Grand Prix at Indianapolis was a farce for both the teams and the spectators. Formula One seems to have grown into the spoilt brat of the industry – spending millions of pounds on a hugely public series … Continue reading 

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What is going on in this picture?

BBC News has an article about blogging during the Iranian elections, accompanied by the above picture. Only thing is, I can’t tell what is going on in the picture. Maybe i’m not seeing the wood for the trees, but the … Continue reading 

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Speeding police

Having witnessed first hand the suffering of families whose loved ones have been seriously injured or tragically killed, I would strongly urge all motorists not to speed This was the comment made by Chief Superintendent Les Owen, head of the … Continue reading 

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