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Puffball Fungus

The puffball fungus produces so many spores, that if every single spore germinated, after two generations the offspring would be 800 times the mass of the Earth.

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Confused lions ‘hunt’ small cars

Lions at a drive-through safari park in Merseyside are chasing small cars, thinking they are prey. According to the BBC, Smart cars and Minis are particularly easily mistaken by the pride.

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I uploaded a whole bunch of photos to my flickr account this weekend.

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London Zoo offering free tickets for big noses

To celebrate the birth of a baby anteater, London Zoo are offering free entrance to visitors with big noses over the weekend of 13-14th August.

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Polar Bear

The Flickr Blog has brought to my attention the work of Catherine Jamieson, a 43 year old mother of two from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her photoset immediately struck me because of both the colours and the textures captured.Catherines’ site was chosen … Continue reading 

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