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The BBC believes its Persian news website has been blocked by the Iranian government, after a sharp fall in hits over the last three days.

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Global definitions of war

I was reading Victor Hansons’ weekly article, this week entitled War Over The War (via ForgetFoo), and it got me thinking about war in a more general way. Normally when I read an opinion on the current ‘war on terror’, … Continue reading 

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Witchcraft in Angola

After three Angolans were jailed in the UK last week for abusing a girl they believed to be possessed, the BBC has written a feature on Angola witchcraft’s child victims.

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Indian call center staff get caught in the middle

The Observer reports that many Indian call center staff are leaving jobs due to the persistent rudeness of British and American callers, while many employees have begun allowing staff to hang up on callers after a third bad language warning. … Continue reading 

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George Galloway MP, Bethnal Green & Bow

George Galloway won the election seat for Bethnal Green & Bow, London, last night. Galloway famously paid several pre-war visits to Saddam Hussein and led many of the anti-war marches in London. His original constituency was Glasgow, but he moved … Continue reading 


Insurance smallprint

I received my renewal notice today for my car insurance. It’s higher than other quotes, so I won’t be taking them up on the renewal, but reading through the small print I wasn’t surprised to see that they cover my … Continue reading 

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Speeding police

Having witnessed first hand the suffering of families whose loved ones have been seriously injured or tragically killed, I would strongly urge all motorists not to speed This was the comment made by Chief Superintendent Les Owen, head of the … Continue reading 

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Political Manifesto: The Liberal Democrats

With the elections confirmed for May 5th, 2005, the political machines are beginning to roll. I’ve never really had a great overview or complete understanding of what each of the main parties stand for, so I’m going to research and … Continue reading 

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Camilla’s Live Webcam Show, Granny Mellows

The Royal Wedding this weekend (between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, if you’ve been asleep) will be broadcast live on the web, the BBC reports. British company Network Webcams has placed two cameras on top of the Macdonald Castle hotel, … Continue reading 

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McDonalds bribes rappers for endorsements

McDonalds has offered to pay chart rappers to include the trademark ‘Big Mac’ in songs. The burger chain, recently criticised for blatantly targetting youth in its’ advertising campaigns, is to pay rappers $5 / �2.80 each time their song is … Continue reading 

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