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Robert Capa

Born in Budapest in 1913, Robert Capa was probably the most important war photographer of the 20th century. He covered five wars; the Spanish Civil War, the First Sino-Japanese War, the Second World War, the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the First Indochina War.

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Series60 mac address bug affecting Nokia N80 smart phones

Series 60, the operating system running on many smartphones, sometimes reports the mac address of the wireless network adapter on the phone incorrectly (enter *#62209526# and press send/call to find the reported mac address). I think the only consumer device … Continue reading 

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Bite Size Standards is not a failure

John Oxton (of writes that his recent project Bite Size Standards is ‘currently a failure’, as it has received some criticism of late. The site was set up six months ago to serve little tidbits of code and understanding, … Continue reading 

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Site plug:

I’ve been helping my dad out with IT while he sets up his new venture and i’m very proud to announce the new website for John Hopkinson & Co. The site is a showcase for services available and properties/land for … Continue reading 

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Commenting policy

Due to a large amount of spam comments (1150 in the past week!) all comments will now need to be moderated unless you have a previous comment already on the site. I know a load of people are commenting (especially … Continue reading 

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Robby Todino, the Time Travel Spammer

Robby Todino was known as the Time Travel Spammer due to his habit of sending over 100 million spam emails requesting time travel equipment. Unusually for a spammer, Todino was not trying to scam money out of innocent people, but … Continue reading 

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Lots of photos of things exploding, shattering and fracturing

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A plumbers mistake connected a kitchen sink to the beer cellar of a neighbouring pub

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I’ve just stumbled upon, a website allowing creatives to publish books, calendars, comics, music and software without any technical knowledge and with no minimum print run. The idea is very simple and the breadth of products available is great … Continue reading 

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Where IE7 could beat Firefox

I installed IE7 Beta 2 today, to see how a new site design worked, and I am quite impressed. The development team seem to have actually thought about how people interact with an application and have made some of the … Continue reading 

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