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Sharpen an image using PHP and GD

PHP and GD can be used to sharpen images on the fly – read on to find out how.

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ZooPHP – a PHP wrapper for Zootool

Zootool is fast becoming the most practical and funkiest way to bookmark online. With the recent addition of an API, I’ve created a PHP wrapper to ease embedding of Zootool data.

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Firefox Themes causing out of position pixels

That Web Guy had a problem with a design not being pixel perfect – only it turned out to be down to the theme he was using in Firefox. Bug?

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Google Reader adds filters to ‘Mark as Read’

Feed subscribers can now declare partial feedreader bankruptcy thanks to an update to Google Reader.

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Orbicule and MobileMe to overlap functionality

In a post on forthcoming OS support for Orbicule, support for sending a message to an iphone and remotely playing a noise is mentioned. With the recent release of iPhone OS 3.0, these are the major selling factors Apple is … Continue reading 

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WordPress plugin: External Files

External Files is a WordPress plugin which allows authors to insert code snippets from a file or url and automatically syntax highlights the code. Authors can specify the lines to show (or show the whole file/url) and override the automatic … Continue reading 

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WordPress Plugin: Feed Extensions

Feed Extensions is a new plugin that allows you to add a footer to the end of each post in your feed. The content can be added via the settings page (under Settings ยป RSS Extensions) and comes with a … Continue reading 

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Add an address lookup to your web forms – Part 1

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to add an inline address lookup to your web forms using the PostcodeAnywhere webservice and the Yahoo! Connection Manager.

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Feed readers for OSX

It’s been a week since I bought my first Mac, and i’m starting to install software that I knew I could only manage a week without – the first of which is a feedreader. I use Newsgator online and therefore … Continue reading 

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Windows-based Macs without OSX

I was reading an article by Sam Gerstenzang entitled ‘Why Boot Camp is the Beginning of the End for Windows‘ (ok, so i’m four months behind on my feed-reading) and mostly I agree with his conclusion, that although Boot Camp … Continue reading 

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