ZooPHP – a PHP wrapper for Zootool

I’ve been using Zootool more and more recently to bookmark things I see on the web. The visual representation of saved items works better for me than Delicious and browser bookmarks are a non-starter these days.

Since the news of an API last week, I’ve been working on a little class wrapper – partly to hone my OOP skills and partly to support some great work by Bastian – and my class is now ready. I’ve named it ZooPHP.

$zoo = new ZooPHP($key, $secret);

To start using ZooPHP, you’ll need a Zootool API key. The script is released under a BSD license and is documented, but should be fairly self-explanatory:

$zoo->setAuth('username', 'password');
$zoo->addItem('adamhopkinson.co.uk', 'adamhopkinson.co.uk', 'zoophp, php, wrapper');

You’ll only need to call setAuth if you want to add items or return private items with getItems.

Click here to download your copy of ZooPHP ยป

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