London Zoo offering free tickets for big noses

Baby Anteater

To celebrate the birth of a baby anteater, London Zoo are offering free entrance to visitors with big noses over the weekend of 13-14th August. The zoo is, in my opinion, the best day out in London bar none.

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4 Responses to London Zoo offering free tickets for big noses

  1. lacey zaboti says:

    i would like some free tickets please

  2. shaley says:

    i would be very grateful for some free tickets please as i am taking my whole family to the zoo, 9 children & 9 adults thank you so much!

  3. samantha says:

    plaz plaz can i win becauce my foster family diserve it for takeing fostering me and treating me like there own plaz can i have 4kids and 4 adalts plaz plaz

    thank you

  4. trudy wilde says:

    can i please have 5 free tickets would love to go to the zoo i love animals and we just cant afford 5 of us to go as wwe are all adult price thanks

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